What Causes Wrinkles?

As we age, we all see unwanted wrinkles creep up on us. Thankfully, we don’t have to live with those wrinkles any more as our medical spa treatments have vastly improved!

But what causes wrinkles?

Wrinkles are a natural part of the aging process. They occur because our collagen levels deplete and our skin becomes thinner and less elastic, making it more difficult to rejuvenate itself. When the skin thins out, simple repeated facial expressions can lead to creases in the skin, specifically between the eyes and around the mouth.

However, wrinkles are caused by more than just repeated facial expressions. They can be caused by environmental factors such as exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light. This happens via sunbathing and prolonged exposure to the sun without protection. The damage UV light does to your skin has been proven to increase the speed of wrinkle development as it breaks down the collagen in your body which keeps your skin elastic and fresh. When our collagen disappears, our skin begins to weaken and we see wrinkles and dark spots appear.

What Causes Wrinkles
Smoking and alcohol consumption can also lead to wrinkles and sagging skin. Smoking reduces blood supply to the skin, and alcohol dehydrates it. If your skin isn’t getting the right blood supply or hydration, it will begin to thin out, causing it to sag and make wrinkles more noticeable than ever.
Here’s our recommendation for reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fighting them off for as long as possible:

What Causes Wrinkles


Botox is one of the easiest, and most commonly used methods for removing wrinkles. It works by blocking the chemical signals that lead to your muscles contracting. If your muscles don’t contract, they aren’t strained by repeated facial positioning, and you are able to avoid those pesky creases. Botox is also great for a number of other medical treatments, and leave your skin tight and smoother than it’s been. Botox is generally used to decrease lines between the eyes, on the forehead, frown lines, and any other lines surrounding the eyes or mouth.

Stop letting your facial muscles strain


Filler is very similar to Botox. It is injected in deeper face wrinkles, but unlike Botox, has a “plumping” effect. You will receive smooth skin, rejuvenated looking skin, and fuller looking lips, cheeks, and facial features. Filler can also be used on other parts of the body such as hands and feet, as those generally see wrinkles and sagging skin quicker than other body parts. There are various Filler options, so you’ll need to consult with our Registered Nurse before deciding which one is right for you.

Plump your skin and see those wrinkles disappear

Hi-Tech Facials

What Causes Wrinkles
Regular facial treatments are great for increasing circulation and collagen production in your body, making our Hi-Tech Facials the perfect way to decrease the look of wrinkles you have. Our combo IPL and RF treatments will destroy the dead skin on the surface of your face and stimulate the collagen in the dermal layer. After you’ve received your treatment, your skin will look smoother and tighter, helping you reduce your wrinkles.

Increase your circulation and collagen production

What Causes Wrinkles

Increase your circulation and collagen production

Elevate™ Thread Lift

Unlike a traditional facelift, Elevate is a non-invasive procedure with minimal side effects. You can go to work, notice crow’s feet, and come in for a consultation during your lunch break. This quick procedure helps lift and tighten your skin by using PDO thread which is absorbed by the body. It will leave you looking younger and give you that V shape to your face and neck. You’ll be able to target any specific area of the face, neck, or body, and will begin to see results immediately.

See immediate lifting and tightening of your skin

Wrinkles are a natural part of the aging process. However, by taking care of your skin with early on at-home treatments, visiting us for regular procedures, and avoiding prolonged exposure to the sun, you can keep your skin looking bright and tight. With healthy skin you’ll be able to avoid wrinkles and always Wake Up Beautiful.

Removing Post-Pregnancy Cellulite

There’s no doubt about it; having a baby changes every aspect of your life. Unfortunately, this includes your beautiful figure you’ve worked so hard to keep. Plus, after giving birth, you’re most likely spending all of your time focused on the baby. Who has time to get back in shape? Well, the good news is, with a little exercise, eating right, and our Body Sculpting treatments, you’ll have your sexy curves back in no time.

Body Sculpting, also known as Endermologie, is the perfect treatment for removing cellulite and stretch marks while letting you keep your beautiful curves. We want to help you get your pre-baby figure back, and truly believe our Body Sculpting treatments are perfect for doing the job. When you book an appointment at Wake Up Beautiful for your Body Sculpting treatment, we’ll review the area(s) of your body you want to focus on, and create a plan for getting rid of the cellulite you acquired during your pregnancy.

Say goodbye to post-pregnancy cellulite

How Does It Work?

Removing Post-Pregnancy Cellulite
Endermologie is a patented technique employing a mechanized device with two motorized rollers and regulated suction. You wear a full-body sculpting suit as our Body Sculpting expert gently glides the suctioning rollers over your body. It is a brief procedure, which each specific area taking roughly 15 minutes, while an entire body treatment lasts about 45 minutes. Because it doesn’t take long and there isn’t any down time like you would see with a surgical, invasive procedure, you can quickly come in for your Body Sculpting treatment, and leave in time for your baby’s next meal!

Removing Post-Pregnancy Cellulite

Our LPG machine is non-surgical and non-invasive, and creates a symmetrical skin fold, which allows deep tissue mobilization to occur. This is what causes the reduction of cellulite. The machine acts as a massage for the body, triggering the production of excess collagen. The collagen produced will help tighten your skin and lose that unwanted cellulite you’ve gained from pregnancy.

Discover your treatment plan

You will need to return for multiple sessions, usually two to three times per week for roughly six weeks, although this changes based on each individual. However, with each treatment you won’t just benefit by losing cellulite. The treatment is performed by an expert-operated machine roller which leaves you relaxed and forgetting the stresses of life as if you had just walked out of your favorite massage appointment.

Removing Post-Pregnancy Cellulite
Our machine is an LPG, which features several different settings to meet your needs. These settings allow us to treat your body by targeting your localized fat and everything that has been resistant to diet and exercise. Because the LPG works through a process similar to a massage, it also triggers collagen production in the body. This helps tighten your skin and reduce the bumps you’ve noticed since giving birth.

Removing Post-Pregnancy Cellulite

We want to help you get turn your post-pregnancy body into that pre-pregnancy shape you always loved. With your healthy lifestyle habits and our Body Sculpting treatments, you should see noticeable results in just a few weeks!

Get that pre-pregnancy shape you always loved

Eyelash Extensions After Care

So, you finally booked your appointment with us at Wake Up Beautiful for Eyelash Extensions. You’ve been asked not to wear makeup to your appointment, and have picked out the style you want your expert to give you. But what happens once you have your lashes? How long do Eyelash Extensions last? How do you take care of Eyelash Extensions? We’re here to help give you the full rundown on after-care for your beautiful new lashes.

Still need to book your Eyelash Extension treatment?

The First 24 Hours

The first 24 hours after receiving your new lashes are crucial! The specialized adhesive we use to attach each individual lash will still be setting, so you have to be very careful not to do anything to prevent the adhesive from remaining. How do you do this? Don’t get your lashes wet! During the first day following your treatment, avoid showering, visiting steam rooms or saunas, crying, excessive exercise which could lead to sweating, splashing water on your face, and swimming. If you can keep your eyelashes away from water for the first 24 hour period, the adhesive will properly set on your lashes, and you’ll get to keep your beautiful new look.

Avoid Oil-Based Washes and Products

Eyelash Extensions After Care
After the first 24 hours, your Lavish Lashes Eyelash Extensions can stand up to water. However, oils will not work so well with your new look. You’ll want to avoid oil-based cleansers and makeup removers because the oils will interfere with the specialized adhesive, causing it to break down and your lashes to fall off. While some separation of lashes is normal, oil in eye creams, cleansers, and makeup removers can speed up the process, leaving you wanting more lashes quicker than you thought.

Eyelash Extensions After Care

Use Makeup That is Removed with Water

Although you won’t need mascara after you get your new Eyelash Extensions, some clients still like adding a little for special events. If you’d like to use mascara, be sure to avoid waterproof mascara as this would require oil-based remover, and lead to damage of the adhesive keeping your new lashes on. You’ll want to follow this rule with other eye makeup like shadows and liner, allowing you to simply splash water on the area to remove your makeup.

Carefully Clean Your Lashes

Eyelash Extensions After Care
You’ll want to brush through your lashes at least once per day with a clean, dry mascara wand. By combing through your eyelashes, you’ll keep them straight and help avoid breakage. Be sure you avoid cotton swabs on your new lashes, and only use products made for eyelash extension cleaning, such as Lavish Lashes Gentle Eyelid Cleanser. After cleaning your lashes, or any time you get them wet, but sure to gently pat dry rather than wiping. Too much pressure to your lashes can cause them to fall out, and excessive rubbing is the leading cause of this. Also, avoid touching your new lashes with your fingers; our bodies are covered in natural oils that can also damage the adhesive and ruin your latest look.

Eyelash Extensions After Care

Return for a Refill

While our Eyelash Extensions look great and are long lasting, they do still need a little Eyelash Extensions After Care TLC. You’ll want to return for a fill every 2-3 weeks – if you wait longer, you’ll need to get an entirely new set. One of the best things you can do to keep this treatment cost effective is join our monthly membership! With this membership, you get discounted refills and full sets, as well as first looks at our services and products, 10% off products, and 5% off other services. Joining this membership ensures you keep up with your lash care, and can enjoy our other services for a discounted rate!

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Wedding Ready

You’ve ordered the cake, you’ve picked the venue, and you’ve said yes to your soulmate. You’re well on your way to the perfect wedding where you’ll be center of great happiness and celebration. With all of your friends and family gathered, you’ll want to look your absolute best on this special day. Wake Up Beautiful is your spa to help you get wedding ready in Laguna Niguel. Whether you want the whole bridal party to enjoy a girls’ day, or you want to make sure you look radiant and rejuvenated, we’re here for you.

Here’s a list of the treatments we recommend in the months leading up to your big day:

12-14 Months Before the Wedding

Schedule your free consultation with our expert team. We’ll review all of our services with you, discuss what your goals are, and figure out the best treatment plan to make you look radiant and feel incredible on your wedding day.

Schedule your consultation and start your treatment plan today

8-10 Months Before the Wedding

wedding ready in Laguna NiguelNow is the time to start our Laser Hair Removal procedure. For most clients, Laser Hair Removal takes 4-6 visits, depending on the area of focus. So, it will take longer to see results, but you’ll also have much longer lasting results once the treatment is complete. You’ll be able to save tons of time with not having to shave and wax in the days leading up to your wedding. With relatives arriving and last minutes errands being run, we want to remove the stress of hair removal as far in advance as possible, keeping the focus of your big day on you and your loved ones.

wedding ready in Laguna Niguel

4-6 Months Before the Wedding

If you’re looking to lose cellulite and keep your sexy curves for that honeymoon stroll down the beach, we’d definitely recommend our Body Sculpting treatment! This procedure requires multiple visits for best results, so we recommend starting early. We want you to have your best body for that gorgeous dress to hug.

With all the pictures that will be taken on your big day, you’ll want to make sure you don’t have to worry about your makeup. We recommend getting permanent makeup and microblading for your wedding, so no matter what happens, your makeup remains flawless. This will save you time on your big day, as you’ll simply Wake Up Beautiful for your wedding.

Get your picture-perfect look

2-3 Months Before the Wedding

Are you starting to notice unwanted wrinkles and lines in your face? This is the perfect time to try Botox, which helps relax the muscles in your face, and reduces the appearance of lines between and around your eyes. If you’re noticing slight sagging in your face, this is also the perfect time to get our NovaLyft non-surgical face lift. It is great for targeting your neck, chin, and jawline to give you a rejuvenated look.

This is also the time to look at our Chemical Peels and Intense Pulsed Light facial treatments. These procedures will target the top layer of your skin, so you will need some time to rest and avoid the sun after getting one of them done. With these two treatments, you can remove dark spots and acne that you won’t want to see on your wedding day.

Don’t waste time fussing over damaged skin

1 Month Before the Wedding

Do you want fuller lips for your big “I do” kiss? We offer a variety of fillers to help you soften and enlarge your lips to look flirty and fabulous. He won’t be able to keep his lips off yours!

This is also a great time to get your Hi-Tech facial. This treatment is a combination of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Radio Frequency (RF), but on a low setting. The setting of this treatment allows you to get it on your day off and not worry about resting after treatment like with our more intensive facials. This will help rejuvenate your skin as your time crunch begins.

Let us get you that perfect “I do” kiss look

2 Weeks Before the Wedding

One thing we see at almost every wedding is tears. While they’re always tears of joy, that doesn’t prevent them from smudging your mascara! It’s time to avoid the messy mascara and get a full set of eyelash extensions from us. We’ll customize your look to make sure you have full, beautiful lashes for every picture you take on your special day.

Trade in your mascara for our elegant eyelash extensions

Week of the Wedding

wedding ready in Laguna Niguel
Continue using our at-home product line to ensure you get the smooth look you’ve been wanting. Make sure you wear our Clear Defense SPF or Tinted SPF when you’re out and about to avoid a sunburn before your big day! You’ll also want to use our cleanser and moisturizer daily to keep your skin hydrated and happy. Using these products regularly will leaving you glowing on your big day!
No matter what treatment you’re looking for, we at Wake Up Beautiful are here to help. We will consult with you and check in every step of the way to ensure your look is the last thing you need to worry about when you’re ready to say, “I do.”

wedding ready in Laguna Niguel

Laguna Niguel Laser Hair Removal

Summer is here and that means it’s time to hit the beaches for some sunshine and waves! You want to be able to put on your bathing suit without worrying about shaving and the burn from salt water that follows a fresh shave. That’s where we come in. Wake Up Beautiful is pleased to offer Laser Hair Removal to the Laguna Niguel area.

Laser hair removal is one of the most common cosmetic procedures in the U.S.. There are many benefits of choosing Laser Hair Removal over shaving, waxing, or other methods of hair removal, and we fully believe you’ll love the results once you’ve come in for treatment. Our system utilizes highly concentrated light by beaming it directly into hair follicles, which is then absorbed by the follicle pigment. This will eventually destroy the root of each hair, leaving your skin as smooth as can be.

Discover the benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal will take some time to create a completely hair-free area. Since hairs can only be targeted when they are attached to the root, each treatment will be able to remove about 20% of hair in the area. Most clients require 4-6 visits to see desired results, but visits will be determined by the specific area and individual receiving treatment. While this treatment may initially take longer to see results, there are many benefits to choosing laser hair removal instead of waxing:

Long-Term Results

Laser Hair Removal prevents hair regrowth for months on end whereas waxing must be repeated monthly.

Cost Efficiency

While there is a greater upfront cost, over the span of just one year, waxing can cost you up to double the price of laser treatments.

No Ingrown Hairs

Since the hair won’t grow back, you don’t have to worry about pesky ingrown hairs like you do with waxing.

Pain Free

Waxing rips your hair from the root, causing you to feel intense pain. Laser hair removal is frequently not felt, and when it is, is described as a mild pinch.

Laguna Niguel Laser Hair Removal
Laguna Niguel Laser Hair Removal

Start seeing your long-term results today

How It Works

Our Laser Hair Removal treatments are safe for all skin types and are perfect for all genders. We can do as much or as little hair removal as you’d like, and will cover the full range of your body. But how does Laser Hair Removal work?

Step 1 Prior to treatment hair is cut off or shaved – this is so the laser energy isn’t used above the surface of the skin. This is also why it is recommended you let your hair grow for some time before coming in for treatment; it allows the hair removal to be as close to the skin as possible.

Step 2 The laser beam passes safely through skin turning light energy into heat. The heat energy is then drawn into the melanin of the hair, heating up the entire hair shaft.

Step 3 The heat will then weaken or destroy your hair follicle, allowing the hair shaft to become detached from said follicle. This means that the hair has become uprooted and the deep removal process has begun.

Step 4 The hair sheds and the absence of a hair follicle means hair doesn’t re-grow. While not all hair can be removed immediately, you will see results following your first treatment. Depending on the thickness and color of your hair, you may need to return for 3-5 visits before all hair is removed from the area.

Once you’ve received your Laser Hair Removal treatment(s) from Wake Up Beautiful, you’ll always be ready for a stroll down the sand and a relaxing time in the ocean water. You won’t need to worry about shaving or waxing, and can always take that last-minute trip to the beach!

Never miss a beach day again

Father’s Day Gift Giving

When you think of Wake Up Beautiful as Laguna Niguel’s Permanent Makeup and Microblading Medical Spa, what comes to mind? For most of you, it’s probably a fun and relaxing girls’ day out to enjoy some champagne, relaxation, and the wonderful procedures we offer. However, Wake Up Beautiful isn’t just for the girls. Wake Up Beautiful Medical Spa for men and women, and the guys in your life would greatly benefit from our treatments, just as much as you do.

Now, Father’s Day is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to start thinking about that perfect gift for dad. You could go with the classic tie and hand drawn card, but why not try something new? Wake Up Beautiful offers a variety of services that will excite and rejuvenate any dad. With these services, your man will be ready to wake up handsome every day.

Botox and Fillers

Medical Spa for men and women
Who Doesn’t want to enjoy the look of tighter, lifted skin? Botox is a non-surgical injection that helps relax the muscles in your face. When the muscles are relaxed, the wrinkles on the brow, forehead, and eyes all slowly disappear. One of the major benefits of Botox is that the results can be as subtle or drastic as you want. For our male clients, they usually prefer a subtler anti-aging effect, so we generally go with lower doses of the injectable.
Our Fillers are great because they can be used on the face to tighten skin, but can also be used on other areas of the body such as his hands. Fillers are also great for minimizing the appearance of scars he may have gained over the years. Imagine the difference you’ll see after just one treatment!
You won’t be able to see the tole his hard work has taken on his body. He’ll consult with our Registered Nurse to ensure he gets the right Filler for him, and will leave our spa with tighter, lifted skin that could make him feel ten years younger!

Help him enjoy subtle anti-aging effects of Botox and Fillers

Medical Spa for men and women

Help him enjoy subtle anti-aging effects of Botox and Fillers

Chemical Peels

Frequently our male clients will have dark spots and acne scars they are eager to remove. That’s where our Chemical Peels become our recommended procedure. Peels are great for removing fine lines and wrinkles, erasing spots, and smoothing out scars, leaving his skin soft and smooth. But how does this work? Our treatment is designed to gently remove the top layer of skin, leaving him with smooth, refreshed skin after the Peel. This treatment is perfect for sensitive, dry, and sun-damaged skin. The best part of our Chemical Peels is that they can be used on the face, or on any other area where he’s starting to see skin damage and wants a rejuvenated look.

Schedule his Chemical Peel for rejuvenated skin


Medical Spa for men and women
NovaLyft is a non-surgical neck and face lift that any man would love. As we age, our skin loosens and we start to see the sagging effect. This becomes especially apparent on our faces. With NovaLyft, he can restore the structure of his face and keep that support system in place for months to come.
We have specialized treatments for each different aspect of his face, but would recommend this procedure most of the jawline and neck, as no other treatment targets those areas as well. There are minimal side effects, and each injection of PDO threads only takes about one minute. Because of this, our NovaLyft treatment is the perfect lunchtime procedure.

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Medical Spa for men and women

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Body Sculpting

Our Endermologie treatments help reduce the appearance of cellulite, and help increase cellulite and blood flow throughout the body. But how does this work? We utilized a double roller machine massage with the addition of suction on his treatment areas. This soothing massage will not only relax him, but also help signal to the body that it should work to produce more collagen, which will help give the smooth, refreshed look he’s looking for. Not only will his skin look rejuvenated, but he’ll look more fit and beach body ready to kick off the summer!

Help Dad get beach body ready

Ultimately, our male companions’ skin needs just as much TLC as ours does! With these procedures, your dad (or any man in your life) will feel rejuvenated and start looking younger in no time. While you wake up beautiful, help your man to wake up handsome this Father’s Day.

What is Collagen?

Collagen. It’s a word we hear a lot in the beauty world, but what exactly is it? Collagen is a natural protein produced by our bodies to provide structural foundation for our skin. In other words, it is what makes our skin look full and smooth, and what helps prevent damage from outside forces such as pollution.

Collagen is key for improving the look and overall health of your hair and skin. As we age, we notice our hair becoming more brittle and our skin wrinkles increasing.
This is because we are producing less collagen. Increasing collagen will fix all of these problems, and will also help reduce cellulite and stretch marks along the body.
Collagen increases skin elasticity, preventing your skin from thinning and cellulite to become more visible.
This is one of the reasons why our Endermologie treatments works so well with reducing cellulite dimples along the body; the machine massage helps increase circulation and collagen production, resulting in smoother, younger looking skin.

Get smoother skin with your Endermologie treatment

What is Collagen
But collagen does more than make your skin tighter. It also boosts your metabolism, repairs joint damage, and helps detox your liver, and in turn, your whole body.
By increasing the amount of collagen in your body, you can increase your metabolism by adding more lean muscle to your body. The lean muscle mass helps convert and process essential nutrients needed to increase your metabolism.
Additionally, adding more collagen to your body helps produce the smooth, gel-like structure that causes ease of motion for your joints.
If you don’t supplement your collagen intake, you may begin to feel pain when you step or bend because this gel-like structure depletes as you age.
The final key aspect of increasing collagen in the body is that is helps improve your liver health.
The collagen works to help your liver fight off negative substances, improve blood flow, and keep your body running smoothly.
The big deal with collagen is that, well, it’s a big deal! It can help your body in countless ways. The problem is, as we age, our collagen production decreases. But fear not! We have a few great tips to help you, including procedures to help increase collagen production.

What is Collagen

What is Collagen
1. Diet
One of the best things you can do for yourself to increase collagen is to change your diet. Start by consuming more foods which are high in sulfur, such as garlic, lentils, and leafy greens.
Sulfur rich foods have extreme collagen-boosting properties and are great for helping to kickstart your collagen boost.
Additionally, be sure to drink more water! Collagen thrives in highly moist environments, so the more water, the greater chance of collagen production.
On the other hand, it is important to start watching your sugar intake. It is widely accepted that glucose has been linked to the breakdown of collagen, so the more you consume the worse it is for your body.

What is Collagen

2. Supplements
Taking the right supplements with your changed diet can also greatly boosting your collagen production. Vitamins A, C, and E, as well as zinc, are great for tightening skin and increasing collagen.
If you take daily vitamins or other dietary supplements, be sure to look for the ones with higher levels of these vitamins.

What is Collagen
3. Skin Care Products
Using a daily, high-quality skin moisturizer and other hyaluronic acid skincare products are our recommendations.
These will give your skin a hydration boost just as water does, and creates a skin barrier, locking in moisture on your skin. We’d recommend our Intensive Recovery Daily Moisturizer.

What is Collagen

4. Treat Yourself and Your Skin
By getting treatments such as massages and facials, you can increase blood flow in the body as well as collagen production.
The goal is to apply light stimulation to the areas where you want collagen increased.
For example, our Chemical Peels target the surface of your skin, and send signals to your body that it is time to produce more collagen.
The same process occurs with the mechanical massaging in our Body Sculpting, and our Rejuvenating Facials.

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