Jowls – A Problem Area

There are some things that just can not be stopped, two of which include time and gravity. These two factors work against us as we strive to age gracefully, especially when it comes to the face. It just isn’t in the biological cards for some people! But don’t let that get you down; there are new technologies nowadays to combat these harrowing occurrences in order to make you look like a timeless beauty. Thanks to Wake Up Beautiful, there is now a noninvasive and easy technique to smooth the skin around your face and get rid of any unwanted wrinkles, lines or excess skin.

The term “jowls” refers to the skin along the lower jaw line and even into the neck area. It is this area of the neck and lower cheeks that is most transparent when it comes to revealing one’s age. This is why it’s vital to address this problem area and to maintain upkeep in order to look noticeably more youthful and avoid the so-called “turkey neck.”

Stop that pesky “turkey neck” today!

Many people are affected by sagging jowls and for different reasons, although the most common cause is aging. As the years rack up, our skin loses collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin are necessary to keep the skin firm and taut, so when it dissipates, the neck and facial skin give in to gravity and start to sag. Lack of care of this skin and subcutaneous (subdermal) tissue due to aging can also contribute to sagging cheek fat and the overall jowls problem.

Some people are just born with a predisposition to saggy cheek and neck skin, which is why people of various ages may be affected by this jowls problem and may be searching for treatment. You are never too young to make provisions to look beautiful!

Also, weight loss can be instrumental in contributing to the jowls problem. You should not be punished by premature aging signs that are not even due to aging! The excess skin around your face and neck can easily be mended to showcase the new and improved you.

Reverse all types of aging effects!

Other environmental reasons that cause people to experience sagging jowls include sun damage, overexposure to computer screens, and smoking. Too much exposure to UV rays damages the collagen in the skin, which as discussed, is responsible for keeping the skin tight and smooth. Similarly, working too long on a computer can lead you to screen overexposure, which can prematurely cause signs of aging – one of which is saggy jowls. Lastly, smoking can cause jowls to sag faster because cigarettes contain harmful chemicals that damage collagen and elastin and slow blood circulation. There are many components that lead to the “turkey neck” issue that many encounter.

With all that being said, what is the best way to fix this daunting jowls problem? Many options out there are invasive surgical techniques that are long and require extended recovery periods. With Wake Up Beautiful’s Elevate Thread Lift, that is not the case! This non-invasive alternative is quick and will get you the gorgeous results you want without scars or incisions.

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The idea behind the Elevate Thread Lift is to establish a support line along your jaw or cheeks that works against gravity in order to terminate sagging skin and other aging effects. The Thread Lift also stimulates collagen to fight this problem from the inside as well as the outside. The increase of collagen that comes from our procedure will not only improve elasticity, but it will also improve smoothness to provide a well-rounded solution for aging by-products.

The Elevate Thread Lift uses PDO Threads to create the aforementioned support line. Each thread is gently inserted in the subdermal skin tissue where they are then pulled in the desired direction to give you a lifting effect. Choose your problem area – the jaw, neck or cheek – and get right to improving it! For those suffering from saggy jowls, it might be most beneficial to address more than one problem area, as the jowls area encompasses a large portion of your face. The Threads are seamlessly absorbed, leaving you with no scars or cuts and allowing you to show off your newly rejuvenated face and neck in no time!

Because of the seamless procedure, little-to-no recovery period and fantastic results, choosing the Elevate Thread Lift as your jowls solution is a no-brainer.

Fix sagging jowls today!

Are You Looking Exhausted? Try Our Hi-Tech Facial or Chemical Peel.

There is nothing worse than getting your eight hours of sleep but still waking up looking and feeling exhausted. Wrinkles, dark circles and puffy bags are common suspects of this problem. As we grow older, our skin gets thinner, drier and less elastic, which causes lines, creases and droopy skin. The thinning of skin happens all over but is especially noticeable around our eyes where the skin is very thin and sensitive to begin with. When this skin thins, it increases visibility of the darkness under our eyes and creates an unappealing look of complete fatigue.

Although wrinkles are a natural part of the aging process, there are a multitude of daily habits that speed up this process such as exposure to UV radiation, stress and malnutrition. Unfortunately, we cannot stop the aging process. However, there are many things we can do in attempts to fight the tired look that crawls across our face in the morning. Stop seeing that, and start to Wake Up Beautiful with a little help from our experts!

One of the main causes of wrinkles, puffy bags and dark circles is the overexposure to Ultra Violet Radiation, more commonly known as sunlight. The first step you should take towards protecting your skin from harsh sun rays is to apply sunscreen every single day. Yes, even in the winter or on a cloudy day!

Brighten your skin while protecting it from UV rays

Hi-Tech Facial or Chemical Peel Luckily, we have just what you’re looking for. Start your day by applying our Clear Defense SPF 45. Not only will this defend your skin from UVA and UVB rays, but it also actively increases the firmness and elasticity of your skin! If you want to take it a step further, try our Tinted SPF 45. This glowing sunscreen will make you look like you’re coming straight from the beach and will cover the pale and thin skin under your eyes to conceal dark circles. It even reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles, so again you’re getting extra benefits! You’ll have protection from the sun, concealer of previous exposure, and a way to keep your skin hydrates so the rejuvenating process begins.

Hi-Tech Facial or Chemical Peel

Proactively fight the pesky aging process by scheduling a Hi-Tech Facial or Chemical Peel. The Hi-Tech Facial tightens your skin by increasing collagen production, which will leave your skin both firmer and brighter. The Chemical Peel reduces the depth of surface lines to purge you of any wrinkles or creases you might have acquired! This practice loosens dead skin cells to make room for healthy, fresh and radiant new skin.

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Another way to combat that irksome look of exhaustion is to simply take great care of your skin with an effective routine. Falling asleep with makeup on can have detrimental effects, so be sure to use our Revitalizing Daily Cleanser every day to remove makeup along with other impurities and dirt. This cleanser will set the stage for both our Radiant-C cream and Intensive Recovery Daily Moisturizer, both of which work to hydrate your skin and provide a more youthful appearance.

Hi-Tech Facial or Chemical Peel The Intensive Recovery Daily Moisturizer is exactly what it sounds like and will increase your skin moisture level by up to 150%. This lotion also regulates inflammation leading to an even more visible reduction of those stubborn puffy eyes. The Radiant-C specifically targets aging by increasing collagen production, which is responsible for the elasticity and flexibility of our skin, especially that of the eye area. The abundance of vitamin C in this cream’s formula directly attacks the dullness that comes from dark circles.

Hi-Tech Facial or Chemical Peel

These ingredients will gradually brighten your skin and even your skin tone, along with the various other benefits it also includes. One of the most common causes to a tired looking face is stress. And in our opinion, there is no better way to relax after a long day than to give yourself a mini spa day! An at-home spa treatment is available just at your fingertips with our soothing and high-quality products.

Peel away that look of exhaustion for a refreshing look

Last, but certainly not least, is the Retinol 10X Serum. This powerful cream works to visibly reduce those lines and wrinkles that make you look tired and aged. It also supports cellular renewal and increases enzyme activity resulting in smoother, brighter and more evenly toned skin. This product is particularly recommended for patients looking to start an anti-aging regimen.

No matter which product you choose or what problem area you’d like to target, all of our products use specialized ingredients to help you Wake Up Beautiful every single day. Say goodbye to puffy bags, dark circles and wrinkles, and say hello to gorgeous, toned and exuberant skin!

Thread Lift vs Surgical Facelift

Thread Lift vs Surgical Facelift

Nowadays there are a multitude of ways to achieve a younger and fresher looking face, but no one wants to be under for hours of surgery just to achieve results that are only visible after weeks of scarring, inflammation and irritation. The Thread Lift is taking the place of those invasive and surgical methods in order to improve results and recovery time. Let’s take a look at how the Wake Up Beautiful Thread Lift stacks up against those older methods.

One facelift competitor is the SMAS lift. SMAS stands for Submuscular Aponeurotic System, and this procedure works exactly how it sounds. An SMAS lift targets the deeper layers of the face to physically move and reposition the skin. It not only targets the skin on your face or neck, but it actually reaches the facial muscles and connective tissue. Because of this, it is necessary that a surgeon physically cuts into your skin in order to reach this submuscular area of your face. A deep plane facelift like this also has more potential for nerve complications. This type of facelift takes a minimum of about two hours to complete and requires you to stay overnight afterwards. It also leaves behind scars and demands a post- operative recovery period of at least three weeks.

Traditional facelifts require hours of surgery and lengthy recovery time’s.

Get results in just a couple days!

Yet another surgically invasive option is the Suture Suspension Lift (SSL). Again, this facelift requires many incisions and cuts, which undoubtedly leads to scarring and an increased recovery period. As with any surgery, there is room for complications. Some complications of the SSL method include: hematoma, unsightly scars, nerve damage and unsatisfactory results. Having surgery once is bad enough, but with techniques like the SSL and SMAS, there is a chance you may need to undergo surgery once again to revise the results. Although the SSL uses less cuts than the SMAS, it still does require incisions and is still an invasive surgery that could 100% be avoided.

Thread Lift vs Surgical Facelift

Thread Lift vs Surgical Facelift Wake Up Beautiful Thread Lifts require little to no downtime and are lunchtime treatments.   You don’t need to have surgery to achieve great results, so why would you? The Wake Up Beautiful Thread Lift works to perfectly lift and shape without cuts or incisions. It is extremely innovative, so much that the procedure just came to the United States. Celebrities used to flock to Europe and Asia just to receive the treatment that is now conveniently available for you. First created in the early 1990s, the Thread Lift has been researched and improved steadily with time, gaining both popularity and patronage. The Wake Up Beautiful Thread Lift is not only more simple and immediate than traditional surgical techniques, but it is also safer and more predictable, ensuring a smooth course of action.

Achieve rejuvenation without scarring!

Thread Lift vs Surgical Facelift

Thread Lift vs Surgical Facelift Here is how it works: instead of relying on a heating device or external lifting mechanism, the Wake Up Beautiful Thread Lift gently administers a Polydioxanone (PDO) Thread into your skin. Although there is absolutely no surgery involved in this treatment, these threads are commonly used in surgical treatments because they fully absorb into the body within just a few months. The threads have small barbs along them that attach to the skin, and as the threads are inserted into the subdermal layer of your face, the barbs anchor onto your skin and pull it in whichever direction is desired. Each thread is completely seamless and takes only a few minutes to complete. The result is a revitalized and energized face that bears no scarring and is ready to show off in just a couple days.   No incision or cuts means no scarring.

The Thread Lift can be used for the jaw, neck, cheek, and more. Because there are no incisions or cuts, there is also no scarring, so your skin will be beautifully rejuvenated in no time! With a substantially less amount of recovery time and zero scars, the Wake Up Beautiful Thread Lift is the way to go to achieve a younger-looking face.

Perfectly shape and lift without surgery!