What is Collagen?

Learn What Collagen Is and How to Increase Collagen in Your Body

on June 2, 2017

Collagen. It’s a word we hear a lot in the beauty world, but what exactly is it? Collagen is a natural protein produced by our bodies to provide structural foundation for our skin. In other words, it is what makes our skin look full and smooth, and what helps prevent damage from outside forces such as pollution.

Collagen is key for improving the look and overall health of your hair and skin. As we age, we notice our hair becoming more brittle and our skin wrinkles increasing. This is because we are producing less collagen. Increasing collagen will fix all of these problems, and will also help reduce cellulite and stretch marks along the body. Collagen increases skin elasticity, preventing your skin from thinning and cellulite to become more visible. This is one of the reasons why our Endermologie treatments works so well with reducing cellulite dimples along the body; the machine massage helps increase circulation and collagen production, resulting in smoother, younger looking skin.

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What is Collagen But collagen does more than make your skin tighter. It also boosts your metabolism, repairs joint damage, and helps detox your liver, and in turn, your whole body. By increasing the amount of collagen in your body, you can increase your metabolism by adding more lean muscle to your body. The lean muscle mass helps convert and process essential nutrients needed to increase your metabolism. Additionally, adding more collagen to your body helps produce the smooth, gel-like structure that causes ease of motion for your joints. If you don’t supplement your collagen intake, you may begin to feel pain when you step or bend because this gel-like structure depletes as you age.   The final key aspect of increasing collagen in the body is that is helps improve your liver health. The collagen works to help your liver fight off negative substances, improve blood flow, and keep your body running smoothly.   The big deal with collagen is that, well, it’s a big deal! It can help your body in countless ways. The problem is, as we age, our collagen production decreases. But fear not! We have a few great tips to help you, including procedures to help increase collagen production.

What is Collagen

What is Collagen 1. Diet One of the best things you can do for yourself to increase collagen is to change your diet. Start by consuming more foods which are high in sulfur, such as garlic, lentils, and leafy greens. Sulfur rich foods have extreme collagen-boosting properties and are great for helping to kickstart your collagen boost. Additionally, be sure to drink more water! Collagen thrives in highly moist environments, so the more water, the greater chance of collagen production. On the other hand, it is important to start watching your sugar intake. It is widely accepted that glucose has been linked to the breakdown of collagen, so the more you consume the worse it is for your body.

What is Collagen

2. Supplements Taking the right supplements with your changed diet can also greatly boosting your collagen production. Vitamins A, C, and E, as well as zinc, are great for tightening skin and increasing collagen. If you take daily vitamins or other dietary supplements, be sure to look for the ones with higher levels of these vitamins.

What is Collagen 3. Skin Care Products Using a daily, high-quality skin moisturizer and other hyaluronic acid skincare products are our recommendations. These will give your skin a hydration boost just as water does, and creates a skin barrier, locking in moisture on your skin. We’d recommend our Intensive Recovery Daily Moisturizer.

What is Collagen

4. Treat Yourself and Your Skin By getting treatments such as massages and facials, you can increase blood flow in the body as well as collagen production. The goal is to apply light stimulation to the areas where you want collagen increased. For example, our Chemical Peels target the surface of your skin, and send signals to your body that it is time to produce more collagen. The same process occurs with the mechanical massaging in our Body Sculpting, and our Rejuvenating Facials.

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