Permanent Makeup vs Microblading

What is the difference between permanent makeup and microblading? Although these two treatments can offer similar results, there are distinct differences in both procedure and outcome. Let’s clear some of the confusion and see which one might be best for you: the full permanent makeup vs microblading explanation.

Permanent Makeup

When it comes to cosmetic makeup procedures, permanent makeup is the most popular and familiar. It also has the longest-standing reputation because it’s been around much longer than microblading.

Permanent makeup is a type of micropigmentation. Although it’s called Permanent makeup, the truth is it’s semi-permanent, usually fading after 1 to 3 years. This allows you to change or enhance various styles over time, so you’re not stuck with one look forever.

For eyebrows, permanent makeup can offer a variety of different looks to your preference. You can get a bold, powdered eyebrow look resembling how you’d apply makeup everyday. Or you can get a minimal, thinner, pencil brow appearance if you prefer.

A tattoo machine is used to insert pigment into the skin. However, since it’s designed to be used on the face, it’s less intense and doesn’t go as deep into the skin as normal tattoo machines.

The neat thing about permanent makeup is that it’s not just limited to eyebrows. Many clients choose to get permanent lip color, lip liner, and even eyeliner in addition to their brows.

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Pros and Cons of Permanent Makeup


  • Other than eyebrows, permanent makeup can be used on the eyelids and lips
  • Lasts 1 to 3 years
  • Minimal touch ups to maintain a beautiful airbrushed look
  • You can choose to go bold or minimal with your brow shape and shade


  • The procedure can be slightly uncomfortable
  • Natural fading over time

Best option for:

  • Anyone who wants an everyday powdered makeup look
  • Individuals looking for long-lasting results
  • Those interested in maintaining brow styles that suits their face
  • Anyone affected by medical conditions who can’t get microblading


Growing in popularity over recent years, Microblading is newer than permanent makeup. Although it falls under the permanent makeup umbrella, it involves fewer pigment molecules under the skin. Therefore, microblading tends to naturally fade within 9 months or so.

Another difference of permanent makeup vs microblading is that microblading is done by hand, not a machine. The technician uses a handheld tool that contains a small row of fine needles. The microblading artists uses this tool to carefully scratch fine, hairlike incisions into the brow line. These incisions are then filled with a pigment that matches your hair color. As a result, the brows obtain a natural, realistic look that resembles 3D eyebrow hair. 

This type of treatment recommends touchups. Since microblading is prone to natural fading after about 3 months, additional sessions will help maintain the appearance of the brows and hair strokes. 

With microblading, you can decide on a crisp, manicured look. Or you can a go with a more natural/bushy brow look. Some people prefer an ombre, glamorous look. Also, since it’s not a permanent result, you have the flexibility to change the shape and style as you wish. You can keep up with beauty trends as the years change, or you can try to go bolder, minimal, etc. depending on your preferences.

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Pros and Cons of Microblading


  • Obtain a vivid, natural look
  • You can decide what you want your eyebrow “hairs” to look like
  • Lasts 9 months to 2 years
  • You cannot tell anything was done to your brows– it looks real
  • Numbing cream is used, so you don’t feel pain from the small incisions
  • Time-savvy procedure: about one hour including consultation and topical numbing


  • Repeated sessions can become expensive
  • Pigment can fade over time, especially with oily skin types
  • Not recommended for individuals with certain medical conditions

Excellent option for:

  • More natural, realistic look
  • Those willing to follow up with maintenance sessions
  • Anyone who wants to be able to try different styles over time
  • Men or women with thinning eyebrows, fine hairs, balding, or past overplucking

Permanent Makeup vs Microblading: Which One Should I Choose?

Hopefully, by now you have a better understanding of what each procedure entails. Your professional permanent makeup or microblading technician should be familiar with both options. A great eyebrow artist will be eager to guide you in the direction that best suits your needs. 

If you want to have the appearance of dolled up brows every day without having to fuss with makeup or dyes, go with permanent makeup for eyebrows. There are some extremely talented artists out there who can make your brows look soft, bold, natural, or however you wish.

If you feel more confident with the appearance of actual hair on your eyebrows, consider microblading. This procedure requires a little more maintenance, but many clients are thrilled with how real their brows look and how beautiful it makes them feel. 

Can I Get Both Permanent Makeup and Microblading?

It doesn’t have to be permanent makeup vs microblading– it can be both! Some people even decide to combine these two procedures. Going for both gives the patient a completed, perfect look that can be sustained for years at a time with low maintenance. 

If you still have questions about which to choose, contact your local Orange County Medical Spa specialists at Wake Up Beautiful Spa.

How to Find a Microblading Technician

Microblading has grown to be quite popular in recent years. It’s now known as a common esthetic treatment for the eyebrows on men, women, and sometimes even on individuals’ scalp. As a form of permanent makeup, it’s best to find a microblading technician who is not only a skilled artist but also a certified professional. This is crucial for your health and happy results. So what should you look for in a microblader if you’ve never had this type of cosmetic treatment before?

Here at Wake Up Beautiful Spa, we specialize in all things beauty. We know what’s important to our clients, new and returning, and when it comes to microblading we’ve seen it all! Today let’s discuss what it takes to become one of the best microbladers around.

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo that provides patients with fuller, darker, more aesthetically-enhanced brows. The process is done by using a special handheld microblading tool with a fine, small blade. Microblading technicians use this tool to cut small, hairlike strokes into the skin of the eyebrows. These carefully-create strokes are then filled with pigment, matching your natural hair color, to soak in. As a result, the pigment and natural look of microblading remain in the skin for months and sometimes even years at a time.

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Who Can Get Eyebrow Microblading?

This is an excellent option for anyone looking to beautify their eyebrows. At Wake Up Beautiful Spa, we’ve mircobladed patients who have nearly no eyebrow hairs, to patients who have full brows already but want a little more precision for an everyday look. Anyone who’s 18 or older can get microbladed, with the exception of those with specific medical or skin conditions.

Who Can Perform the Microblading Process?

Only certified microblading experts with bloodborne pathogen training who are employed by a medical spa or body art company should perform microblading on patients.

U.S. microblading licensing varies for each state, so be sure to confirm that your artist is fully licensed and correctly trained.

In California, find a microblading technician who is all of the above plus works somewhere with all safety and health codes in effect.

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How Do I Find the Best Microblading Artist?

Other than legal standards, skill, and safety qualifications, there are several key points to look for in a professional microblading artist. Obviously, you want to find one who can give you the best brows possible! But there are a few factors to consider further, such as:

Pricing and Your Budget.

Microblading typically costs from $400 to $1,800 depending on location and demand.

Microblading Technicians in Your Area.

This is something that needs to be done in person in a very intimate, high-quality setting. Look for the most ideal artist in your general area of 5 to 25 miles.

Legitimacy of Their Practice. 

Make sure the artist you consider is fully equipped to tattoo your brows! This includes certifications, licensing, health permits, and insurance. Great salons will have these displayed throughout their rooms.

Studio Cleanliness.

How do you feel in their studio? Is it a clean, professional, well-lit medical spa? Do they use single-use blades, sterilize their tools, and follow appropriate medical standards?

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Experience of the Artist.

Have they been specializing in this treatment for a long time? Are they well-loved in their industry? Do you feel confident in their abilities to work on your face?

Consultations and Communication.

Great microblading technicians usually offer some type of consultation prior to your treatment. Whether by photos (through email or text) or conversation in person, they should ask to see your current eyebrows in their natural, makeup-free state. They’ll also discuss your preferences, concerns, and answer any questions.

Before and After Gallery.

The artist should have a visual portfolio of their previous microblading patients, both post-treatment and healed results.

You Like Their Style.

Whether their style is natural, manicured, hybrid, ombre, etc., you really love what you see in their Before/After photos. Make sure you only book an appointment if the artist you find can do what you have in mind! Even better, maybe they specialize in fulfilling various styles for different customers.

Good Client Reviews. 

Check their customer reviews online. People who love a service will often recommend it and rave about it! So if a permanent cosmetic professional has continuous 5-star ratings, it might be time to schedule an appointment with them.

They’re Happy to Answer Your Questions.

Getting eyebrow microblading for the first time can feel like a big step. It can be intimidating or a little scary. So being able to ask questions and having a willing technician who gives you realistic expectations for the process is important.

Willing to Make Your Happy, but Also Honest.

Your technician should be willing to give you the type of eyebrows that will make you feel most beautiful. On the other hand, they should be open and honest about what will look best on you and work with your unique facial shape. Not all faces are the same! Sometimes those high-arched brows you envy from supermodels might make your oval face look too long or “surprised”. Eyebrow artists are trained to study face shape and appearance, so trust their advice if they steer you away from a particular style.

Wake Up Beautiful Microblading

All technicians, artists, and staff at Wake Up Beautiful proudly uphold all the standards in this article! Our main microblading technician, Brandi, was one of the first microblading artists in Orange County, CA over 17 years ago. We love serving our happy clients, both new and returning.

Contact us today if you need to find the right microblading technician in southern California. Let us help you Wake Up Beautiful every day with your new brows.

Home Spa Treatments for Your Skin

You know that amazingly fresh feeling you get after a day at the spa? Experience that every single day in the comfort of your own home with Wake Up Beautiful’s at-home line of products. These products range from sun protection to anti-aging benefits, all of which will leave your skin feeling as stunning as ever!

Our Products

Home Spa Treatments for Your Skin

The Rejuvineck works to tighten, lighten and brighten skin around the neck area. Not only does this crème work to reduce the length and depth of wrinkles, but it also corrects pigmentation making the skin of the décolleté appear firmer and smoother. The uniquely blended peptide complex fights the aging process of the skin to provide you with a more toned and young looking neck that you will surely be proud of!

Home Spa Treatments for Your Skin

Home Spa Treatments for Your Skin
Tinted SPF 45
This tinted sun protection prevents sunburn while giving you a more even skin tone. The broad-spectrum protection defends against both UVA and UVB rays and helps to keep your skin moisturized after a long day in the sun. Even more, the Tinted SPF 45 reduces the appearance of wrinkles and lines to keep you looking like the glowing beach beauty that you are.

Home Spa Treatments for Your Skin

Home Spa Treatments for Your Skin
Clear Defense SPF 45
The Clear Defense SPF 45 works to protect your delicate skin against UVA and UVB rays while also minimizing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. This lightweight sunblock leaves no residue and actively increases the firmness and elasticity of your skin all the while reducing redness, blotchiness and hyperpigmentation. The Clear Defense SPF 45 is the full package for a day in sun!

Start protecting and rejuvenating your skin today

Home Spa Treatments for Your Skin

Home Spa Treatments for Your Skin
Revitalizing Daily Cleanser
This gentle and sulfate-free cleanser is your key to clear and smooth skin! The Revitalizing Daily Cleanser cleans your skin by targeting dirt and impurities with the help of ingredients such as Aloe Extract and Sweet Almond Oil. The hydration and anti-aging nutrients will leave your skin smoother, softer and visibly more youthful.

Home Spa Treatments for Your Skin

Home Spa Treatments for Your Skin
Radiant-C Cream
The Radiant-C Cream works wonders whether you’re looking for more evenly toned or younger-looking skin. The powerful vitamin and octapeptide-based serum helps to firm and tighten your skin with unparalleled results. It also brightens and smooths your skin tone while diminishing redness and inflammation. The abundance of Vitamin C rich ingredients delivers beneficial nutrients to your skin four times more efficiently than leading formulas. Radiant-C Cream is a must for any skin need!

Home Spa Treatments for Your Skin

Home Spa Treatments for Your Skin
Microdermarasion Scrub
Get rid of dead cells and debris from your skin with the powerful Microdermarasion Scrub! Pumice granules gently resurface dull and dry skin, which improves skin tone, texture and elasticity. Each use smooths your skin in order to create a healthy and radiant finish that will leave your face glowing.

Give your skin the attention it deserves

Home Spa Treatments for Your Skin

Home Spa Treatments for Your Skin
Retinol 10X Serum
The Retinol 10X Serum will leave your face feeling 10X younger! The Retinol and Vitamin C filled formula works to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles and evens the skin of those with hyperpigmentation. This serum also increases cellular renewal and collagen development, resulting in smoother, brighter and firmer skin. If you are looking to begin an anti-aging routine, this serum is the way to go!

Home Spa Treatments for Your Skin

Home Spa Treatments for Your Skin
Intensive Recovery Daily Moisturizer
Say goodbye to dry skin! The Intensive Recovery Daily Moisturizer decreases skin water loss by 17% and increases skin moisture by 150% after just 24 hours. Cactus and Coconut Extract work alongside other smart and pure ingredients to fight against inflammation and irritation that is sure to leave your skin the most calm and smooth it has ever been.

The simplest way to ensure a healthy and fresh-looking face is to make sure you take care of it daily. This is now easier than ever with Wake Up Beautiful’s products that provide protection, hydration and a feeling of utter exquisiteness!

Keep your skin hydrated and healthy

Wedding Ready

You’ve ordered the cake, you’ve picked the venue, and you’ve said yes to your soulmate. You’re well on your way to the perfect wedding where you’ll be center of great happiness and celebration. With all of your friends and family gathered, you’ll want to look your absolute best on this special day. Wake Up Beautiful is your spa to help you get wedding ready in Laguna Niguel. Whether you want the whole bridal party to enjoy a girls’ day, or you want to make sure you look radiant and rejuvenated, we’re here for you.

Here’s a list of the treatments we recommend in the months leading up to your big day:

12-14 Months Before the Wedding

Schedule your free consultation with our expert team. We’ll review all of our services with you, discuss what your goals are, and figure out the best treatment plan to make you look radiant and feel incredible on your wedding day.

Schedule your consultation and start your treatment plan today

8-10 Months Before the Wedding

wedding ready in Laguna NiguelNow is the time to start our Laser Hair Removal procedure. For most clients, Laser Hair Removal takes 4-6 visits, depending on the area of focus. So, it will take longer to see results, but you’ll also have much longer lasting results once the treatment is complete. You’ll be able to save tons of time with not having to shave and wax in the days leading up to your wedding. With relatives arriving and last minutes errands being run, we want to remove the stress of hair removal as far in advance as possible, keeping the focus of your big day on you and your loved ones.

wedding ready in Laguna Niguel

4-6 Months Before the Wedding

If you’re looking to lose cellulite and keep your sexy curves for that honeymoon stroll down the beach, we’d definitely recommend our Body Sculpting treatment! This procedure requires multiple visits for best results, so we recommend starting early. We want you to have your best body for that gorgeous dress to hug.

With all the pictures that will be taken on your big day, you’ll want to make sure you don’t have to worry about your makeup. We recommend getting permanent makeup and microblading for your wedding, so no matter what happens, your makeup remains flawless. This will save you time on your big day, as you’ll simply Wake Up Beautiful for your wedding.

Get your picture-perfect look

2-3 Months Before the Wedding

Are you starting to notice unwanted wrinkles and lines in your face? This is the perfect time to try Botox, which helps relax the muscles in your face, and reduces the appearance of lines between and around your eyes. If you’re noticing slight sagging in your face, this is also the perfect time to get our NovaLyft non-surgical face lift. It is great for targeting your neck, chin, and jawline to give you a rejuvenated look.

This is also the time to look at our Chemical Peels and Intense Pulsed Light facial treatments. These procedures will target the top layer of your skin, so you will need some time to rest and avoid the sun after getting one of them done. With these two treatments, you can remove dark spots and acne that you won’t want to see on your wedding day.

Don’t waste time fussing over damaged skin

1 Month Before the Wedding

Do you want fuller lips for your big “I do” kiss? We offer a variety of fillers to help you soften and enlarge your lips to look flirty and fabulous. He won’t be able to keep his lips off yours!

This is also a great time to get your Hi-Tech facial. This treatment is a combination of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Radio Frequency (RF), but on a low setting. The setting of this treatment allows you to get it on your day off and not worry about resting after treatment like with our more intensive facials. This will help rejuvenate your skin as your time crunch begins.

Let us get you that perfect “I do” kiss look

2 Weeks Before the Wedding

One thing we see at almost every wedding is tears. While they’re always tears of joy, that doesn’t prevent them from smudging your mascara! It’s time to avoid the messy mascara and get a full set of eyelash extensions from us. We’ll customize your look to make sure you have full, beautiful lashes for every picture you take on your special day.

Trade in your mascara for our elegant eyelash extensions

Week of the Wedding

wedding ready in Laguna Niguel
Continue using our at-home product line to ensure you get the smooth look you’ve been wanting. Make sure you wear our Clear Defense SPF or Tinted SPF when you’re out and about to avoid a sunburn before your big day! You’ll also want to use our cleanser and moisturizer daily to keep your skin hydrated and happy. Using these products regularly will leaving you glowing on your big day!
No matter what treatment you’re looking for, we at Wake Up Beautiful are here to help. We will consult with you and check in every step of the way to ensure your look is the last thing you need to worry about when you’re ready to say, “I do.”

wedding ready in Laguna Niguel

Laguna Niguel Laser Hair Removal

Summer is here and that means it’s time to hit the beaches for some sunshine and waves! You want to be able to put on your bathing suit without worrying about shaving and the burn from salt water that follows a fresh shave. That’s where we come in. Wake Up Beautiful is pleased to offer Laser Hair Removal to the Laguna Niguel area.

Laser hair removal is one of the most common cosmetic procedures in the U.S.. There are many benefits of choosing Laser Hair Removal over shaving, waxing, or other methods of hair removal, and we fully believe you’ll love the results once you’ve come in for treatment. Our system utilizes highly concentrated light by beaming it directly into hair follicles, which is then absorbed by the follicle pigment. This will eventually destroy the root of each hair, leaving your skin as smooth as can be.

Discover the benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal will take some time to create a completely hair-free area. Since hairs can only be targeted when they are attached to the root, each treatment will be able to remove about 20% of hair in the area. Most clients require 4-6 visits to see desired results, but visits will be determined by the specific area and individual receiving treatment. While this treatment may initially take longer to see results, there are many benefits to choosing laser hair removal instead of waxing:

Long-Term Results

Laser Hair Removal prevents hair regrowth for months on end whereas waxing must be repeated monthly.

Cost Efficiency

While there is a greater upfront cost, over the span of just one year, waxing can cost you up to double the price of laser treatments.

No Ingrown Hairs

Since the hair won’t grow back, you don’t have to worry about pesky ingrown hairs like you do with waxing.

Pain Free

Waxing rips your hair from the root, causing you to feel intense pain. Laser hair removal is frequently not felt, and when it is, is described as a mild pinch.

Laguna Niguel Laser Hair Removal
Laguna Niguel Laser Hair Removal

Start seeing your long-term results today

How It Works

Our Laser Hair Removal treatments are safe for all skin types and are perfect for all genders. We can do as much or as little hair removal as you’d like, and will cover the full range of your body. But how does Laser Hair Removal work?

Step 1 Prior to treatment hair is cut off or shaved – this is so the laser energy isn’t used above the surface of the skin. This is also why it is recommended you let your hair grow for some time before coming in for treatment; it allows the hair removal to be as close to the skin as possible.

Step 2 The laser beam passes safely through skin turning light energy into heat. The heat energy is then drawn into the melanin of the hair, heating up the entire hair shaft.

Step 3 The heat will then weaken or destroy your hair follicle, allowing the hair shaft to become detached from said follicle. This means that the hair has become uprooted and the deep removal process has begun.

Step 4 The hair sheds and the absence of a hair follicle means hair doesn’t re-grow. While not all hair can be removed immediately, you will see results following your first treatment. Depending on the thickness and color of your hair, you may need to return for 3-5 visits before all hair is removed from the area.

Once you’ve received your Laser Hair Removal treatment(s) from Wake Up Beautiful, you’ll always be ready for a stroll down the sand and a relaxing time in the ocean water. You won’t need to worry about shaving or waxing, and can always take that last-minute trip to the beach!

Never miss a beach day again

Microblading Versus Permanent Makeup

We all have the one friend with flawless eyebrows. The question is, how does she always get them to be so perfect? Well, odds are she’s had either permanent makeup or microblading done to them, so they are on point at all times. But what is the difference between the two and how can you tell which is the better procedure to get you your own impeccable brows? Let us look at Microblading Versus Permanent Makeup.

Both microblading and permanent makeup are tools to make your eyebrows look fuller, thicker, and more tinted. However, they are slightly different in their process and goal. Microblading is a process of mimicking tiny hairs, giving your brows a more naturally full look. Permanent makeup, on the other hand, doesn’t look like individual hairs, but rather as if you had penciled in your eyebrows to be darker and thicker, but without the risk of washing them off!

Get your perfectly shaped dream brows at Wake Up Beautiful

Here are some of the other differences in the two procedures:

Microblading Versus Permanent Makeup
The first, and most major difference in permanent makeup and microblading is that microblading is done by hand drawing every individual line. Each fine line is created by the a technician, which allows you to avoid the “bleeding out” that
typical tattoos can have. Also unlike traditional permanent makeup tattoos,
microblading uses less ink, meaning the results last between one and three years. One of the biggest differences with microblading is that the ink used will either maintain its original hue, or lighten over times as your natural eyebrows
do. Finally, microblading is generally reported as less painful than permanent makeup procedures. This is because our technicians will use a topical
anesthetic, which numbs you from most of the pain.

Make your brows fuller today

Microblading Versus Permanent Makeup

Make your brows fuller today

Microblading Versus Permanent Makeup
Permanent Makeup
Permanent makeup has been around far longer than microblading, which means
it is more common and understood. Permanent makeup is done with a machine,
meaning it has a more streamlined procedure than microblading. If you think about the thickness you get when you draw your eyebrows on with a pencil, that’s the equivalent of getting permanent makeup. As with any tattoo, lots of ink is inserted in the dermal layer of skin, meaning there will be a much thicker look, with far less fading. Colors will generally stay the same as when you first got them, and your
results will last much longer. While microblading results last up to three years,
permanent makeup will always be on your skin, with natural fading over time just as any other tattoo does.

See darker, thicker brows immediately

Microblading Versus Permanent Makeup

See darker, thicker brows immediately

Meet Your Permanent Makeup and Microblading Expert

Brandi Langley opened up Wake Up Beautiful in 2001, and it has served as Laguna Niguel’s permanent makeup and microblading medical spa ever since. Brandi has performed all permanent makeup and microblading procedures done at Wake Up Beautiful, and has hundreds of satisfied clients throughout Southern California. In fact, her clients are so satisfied, the vast majority of them return to Brandi for additional procedures. Brandi will work with you to get the perfect shape and color for your brows, and will ensure you can always Wake Up Beautiful.

Book your complimentary consultation to get your questions answered

What is Microblading and Permanent Makeup?

At Wake Up Beautiful we offer a full range of permanent makeup to ensure you can always look your best, no matter what activity you’re doing. Microblading and Permanent Makeup means no more worrying about wiping away eyebrows while you’re sweating, losing that sexy cat-eye you worked so hard to achieve, and kissing away your perfect lips every time you see your boyfriend.

Microblading and Permanent Makeup
Permanent Make up and Microblading
Microblading and Permanent Makeup
Microblading and Permanent Makeup
Microblading and Permanent Makeup


Everyone loves the definition and seductiveness that comes along with eyeliner. Well, what if you never had to apply it again? With permanent makeup, you won’t have to! There are several different methods used as eyeliner to serve each individual’s needs. A subtle, natural look mimicking thousands of tiny eyelashes with the implantation of pigments in the lash line is one of the most popular designs. Another includes additional shadowing to be added for a soft natural liner or a more bold, definite line. Thickness, color, and design are all customized to fit your needs and make sure you wake up beautiful every day. You’ll be able to give the illusion of fuller, thicker lashes, while appearing much younger with the pop from your eyes.

Starting at $350

Lip Liner and Color

Permanent Makeup for lip color is beautiful! It can appear to change the size and shape of the lips as well as the color, and no more kissing it away on your boyfriend’s lips! A soft pink, similar to the lip color of a newborn baby, is popular for those wanting a natural look. A more dramatic color can be achieved if desired. Through this you’ll get the full, kissable lips you’ve always dreamed of while enhancing lip fullness and shape.

Starting at $350, Full lip color starting at $425


Along with our brand new look came a brand new Brow Bar. This is a one-stop-shop for all things eyebrow related. When you walk into The Brow Bar you’ll see comfortable seating, vibrant colors, and friendly faces who are all there to help. We offer both Microblading and permanent makeup eyebrows at The Brow Bar.


Microblading mimics the appearance of hair in the brow line. By using a fine point tool, our technicians can make small lines which look identical to hairs. This method provides a more natural look than the standard permanent makeup eyebrows, and takes less than two hours to complete. Microblading is also less permanent than the permanent makeup technique, lasting between one and three years.

Permanent Makeup Eyebrows

Our procedure for eyebrows using permanent makeup will last much longer than microblading and gives a much more “filled in” look. The appearance of this technique is similar to that of your eyebrows being filled in with pencil. There will be a more defined thickness and color to your brows, and you’ll look like you’ve got makeup on at all times.

Anyone who desires more fullness of the brows will love these procedures and the time saved by not applying makeup. With permanent makeup eyebrows and microblading, you can now go swimming, play tennis, or wipe your forehead without the embarrassment of losing your eyebrows. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the natural look of your brows, even with the added definition and fullness.

Starting at $450

Who Can Benefit from Permanent Makeup?

Everyone! If you’ve ever applied makeup, you know it can be a tedious task that can take way too long, and frequently gets ruined by a splash of water or a bit of sweat. With permanent makeup, you don’t have to worry about any of that. You’re free to exercise, swim, and wash your face without worrying about shedding your favorite look. Permanent makeup is especially great for those who have difficulty applying makeup or have allergies to it. It is proven medically safe, very affordable, and used for a variety of cosmetic enhancements such as permanent eyebrows, eyeliner, and lip liner/color.

Look Like a Celebrity

Permanent makeup and Microblading have become so popular over the last several years that celebrities are looking for treatments regularly. Here are some of most well-known clients:

Microblading and Permanent Makeup

Meagan Good

Microblading and Permanent Makeup

Bella Thorne

Microblading and Permanent Makeup

Michelle Obama

Microblading and Permanent Makeup

Nicolas Cage

Microblading and Permanent Makeup


Microblading and Permanent Makeup