It mostly depends on who the provider is. Results from provider to provider vary more than product to product. Each one needs to be injected slightly differently and in different amounts. This is why having a licensed physician or registered nurse with a lot of experience is so important when getting injections.

Overall, most beauty injection providers tend to have the most experience with Allergan’s Botox.

So what about the newest toxin on the market, Jeuveau’s Newtox? Is it simply another competitor trying to change the formula just enough to go to market? Not exactly… Recently, Allergan’s Botox patent has run out. 

Newtox is the first toxin to be nearly identical to Botox. Studies are showing it is even slightly stronger and faster-acting than regular Botox!

For this reason, Newtox has become the only toxin we specialize in here at Wake Up Beautiful Spa. More wrinkle-reducing power for less money! Could it get any better than that?

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