Thread Lift vs Surgical Facelift

Why Non Surgical Thread Lifts at Laguna Niguel’s Premier Medical Spa are Right for You

on September 1, 2017

Thread Lift vs Surgical Facelift

Nowadays there are a multitude of ways to achieve a younger and fresher looking face, but no one wants to be under for hours of surgery just to achieve results that are only visible after weeks of scarring, inflammation and irritation. The Thread Lift is taking the place of those invasive and surgical methods in order to improve results and recovery time. Let’s take a look at how the Wake Up Beautiful Thread Lift stacks up against those older methods.

One facelift competitor is the SMAS lift. SMAS stands for Submuscular Aponeurotic System, and this procedure works exactly how it sounds. An SMAS lift targets the deeper layers of the face to physically move and reposition the skin. It not only targets the skin on your face or neck, but it actually reaches the facial muscles and connective tissue. Because of this, it is necessary that a surgeon physically cuts into your skin in order to reach this submuscular area of your face. A deep plane facelift like this also has more potential for nerve complications. This type of facelift takes a minimum of about two hours to complete and requires you to stay overnight afterwards. It also leaves behind scars and demands a post- operative recovery period of at least three weeks.

Traditional facelifts require hours of surgery and lengthy recovery time’s.

Get results in just a couple days!

Yet another surgically invasive option is the Suture Suspension Lift (SSL). Again, this facelift requires many incisions and cuts, which undoubtedly leads to scarring and an increased recovery period. As with any surgery, there is room for complications. Some complications of the SSL method include: hematoma, unsightly scars, nerve damage and unsatisfactory results. Having surgery once is bad enough, but with techniques like the SSL and SMAS, there is a chance you may need to undergo surgery once again to revise the results. Although the SSL uses less cuts than the SMAS, it still does require incisions and is still an invasive surgery that could 100% be avoided.

Thread Lift vs Surgical Facelift

Thread Lift vs Surgical Facelift Wake Up Beautiful Thread Lifts require little to no downtime and are lunchtime treatments.   You don’t need to have surgery to achieve great results, so why would you? The Wake Up Beautiful Thread Lift works to perfectly lift and shape without cuts or incisions. It is extremely innovative, so much that the procedure just came to the United States. Celebrities used to flock to Europe and Asia just to receive the treatment that is now conveniently available for you. First created in the early 1990s, the Thread Lift has been researched and improved steadily with time, gaining both popularity and patronage. The Wake Up Beautiful Thread Lift is not only more simple and immediate than traditional surgical techniques, but it is also safer and more predictable, ensuring a smooth course of action.

Achieve rejuvenation without scarring!

Thread Lift vs Surgical Facelift

Thread Lift vs Surgical Facelift Here is how it works: instead of relying on a heating device or external lifting mechanism, the Wake Up Beautiful Thread Lift gently administers a Polydioxanone (PDO) Thread into your skin. Although there is absolutely no surgery involved in this treatment, these threads are commonly used in surgical treatments because they fully absorb into the body within just a few months. The threads have small barbs along them that attach to the skin, and as the threads are inserted into the subdermal layer of your face, the barbs anchor onto your skin and pull it in whichever direction is desired. Each thread is completely seamless and takes only a few minutes to complete. The result is a revitalized and energized face that bears no scarring and is ready to show off in just a couple days.   No incision or cuts means no scarring.

The Thread Lift can be used for the jaw, neck, cheek, and more. Because there are no incisions or cuts, there is also no scarring, so your skin will be beautifully rejuvenated in no time! With a substantially less amount of recovery time and zero scars, the Wake Up Beautiful Thread Lift is the way to go to achieve a younger-looking face.

Perfectly shape and lift without surgery!



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