How to Find a Microblading Technician

What to Look For in an Eyebrow Microblading Artist

on November 21, 2019

Microblading has grown to be quite popular in recent years. It’s now known as a common esthetic treatment for the eyebrows on men, women, and sometimes even on individuals’ scalp. As a form of permanent makeup, it’s best to find a microblading technician who is not only a skilled artist but also a certified professional. This is crucial for your health and happy results. So what should you look for in a microblader if you’ve never had this type of cosmetic treatment before?

Here at Wake Up Beautiful Spa, we specialize in all things beauty. We know what’s important to our clients, new and returning, and when it comes to microblading we’ve seen it all! Today let’s discuss what it takes to become one of the best microbladers around.

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo that provides patients with fuller, darker, more aesthetically-enhanced brows. The process is done by using a special handheld microblading tool with a fine, small blade. Microblading technicians use this tool to cut small, hairlike strokes into the skin of the eyebrows. These carefully-create strokes are then filled with pigment, matching your natural hair color, to soak in. As a result, the pigment and natural look of microblading remain in the skin for months and sometimes even years at a time.

Who Can Get Eyebrow Microblading?

This is an excellent option for anyone looking to beautify their eyebrows. At Wake Up Beautiful Spa, we’ve mircobladed patients who have nearly no eyebrow hairs, to patients who have full brows already but want a little more precision for an everyday look. Anyone who’s 18 or older can get microbladed, with the exception of those with specific medical or skin conditions.

Who Can Perform the Microblading Process?

Only certified microblading experts with bloodborne pathogen training who are employed by a medical spa or body art company should perform microblading on patients.

U.S. microblading licensing varies for each state, so be sure to confirm that your artist is fully licensed and correctly trained.

In California, find a microblading technician who is all of the above plus works somewhere with all safety and health codes in effect.

How Do I Find the Best Microblading Artist?

Other than legal standards, skill, and safety qualifications, there are several key points to look for in a professional microblading artist. Obviously, you want to find one who can give you the best brows possible! But there are a few factors to consider further, such as:

Pricing and Your Budget.

Microblading typically costs from $400 to $1,800 depending on location and demand.

Microblading Technicians in Your Area.

This is something that needs to be done in person in a very intimate, high-quality setting. Look for the most ideal artist in your general area of 5 to 25 miles.

Legitimacy of Their Practice. 

Make sure the artist you consider is fully equipped to tattoo your brows! This includes certifications, licensing, health permits, and insurance. Great salons will have these displayed throughout their rooms.

Studio Cleanliness.

How do you feel in their studio? Is it a clean, professional, well-lit medical spa? Do they use single-use blades, sterilize their tools, and follow appropriate medical standards?

Experience of the Artist.

Have they been specializing in this treatment for a long time? Are they well-loved in their industry? Do you feel confident in their abilities to work on your face?

Consultations and Communication.

Great microblading technicians usually offer some type of consultation prior to your treatment. Whether by photos (through email or text) or conversation in person, they should ask to see your current eyebrows in their natural, makeup-free state. They’ll also discuss your preferences, concerns, and answer any questions.

Before and After Gallery.

The artist should have a visual portfolio of their previous microblading patients, both post-treatment and healed results.

You Like Their Style.

Whether their style is natural, manicured, hybrid, ombre, etc., you really love what you see in their Before/After photos. Make sure you only book an appointment if the artist you find can do what you have in mind! Even better, maybe they specialize in fulfilling various styles for different customers.

Good Client Reviews. 

Check their customer reviews online. People who love a service will often recommend it and rave about it! So if a permanent cosmetic professional has continuous 5-star ratings, it might be time to schedule an appointment with them.

They’re Happy to Answer Your Questions.

Getting eyebrow microblading for the first time can feel like a big step. It can be intimidating or a little scary. So being able to ask questions and having a willing technician who gives you realistic expectations for the process is important.

Willing to Make Your Happy, but Also Honest.

Your technician should be willing to give you the type of eyebrows that will make you feel most beautiful. On the other hand, they should be open and honest about what will look best on you and work with your unique facial shape. Not all faces are the same! Sometimes those high-arched brows you envy from supermodels might make your oval face look too long or “surprised”. Eyebrow artists are trained to study face shape and appearance, so trust their advice if they steer you away from a particular style.

Wake Up Beautiful Microblading

All technicians, artists, and staff at Wake Up Beautiful proudly uphold all the standards in this article! Our main microblading technician, Brandi, was one of the first microblading artists in Orange County, CA over 17 years ago. We love serving our happy clients, both new and returning.

Contact us today if you need to find the right microblading technician in southern California. Let us help you Wake Up Beautiful every day with your new brows.



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