Jowls – A Problem Area

How to seamlessly fix sagging skin

on September 28, 2017

There are some things that just can not be stopped, two of which include time and gravity. These two factors work against us as we strive to age gracefully, especially when it comes to the face. It just isn’t in the biological cards for some people! But don’t let that get you down; there are new technologies nowadays to combat these harrowing occurrences in order to make you look like a timeless beauty. Thanks to Wake Up Beautiful, there is now a noninvasive and easy technique to smooth the skin around your face and get rid of any unwanted wrinkles, lines or excess skin.

The term “jowls” refers to the skin along the lower jaw line and even into the neck area. It is this area of the neck and lower cheeks that is most transparent when it comes to revealing one’s age. This is why it’s vital to address this problem area and to maintain upkeep in order to look noticeably more youthful and avoid the so-called “turkey neck.”

Stop that pesky “turkey neck” today!

Many people are affected by sagging jowls and for different reasons, although the most common cause is aging. As the years rack up, our skin loses collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin are necessary to keep the skin firm and taut, so when it dissipates, the neck and facial skin give in to gravity and start to sag. Lack of care of this skin and subcutaneous (subdermal) tissue due to aging can also contribute to sagging cheek fat and the overall jowls problem.

Some people are just born with a predisposition to saggy cheek and neck skin, which is why people of various ages may be affected by this jowls problem and may be searching for treatment. You are never too young to make provisions to look beautiful!

Also, weight loss can be instrumental in contributing to the jowls problem. You should not be punished by premature aging signs that are not even due to aging! The excess skin around your face and neck can easily be mended to showcase the new and improved you.

Reverse all types of aging effects!

Other environmental reasons that cause people to experience sagging jowls include sun damage, overexposure to computer screens, and smoking. Too much exposure to UV rays damages the collagen in the skin, which as discussed, is responsible for keeping the skin tight and smooth. Similarly, working too long on a computer can lead you to screen overexposure, which can prematurely cause signs of aging – one of which is saggy jowls. Lastly, smoking can cause jowls to sag faster because cigarettes contain harmful chemicals that damage collagen and elastin and slow blood circulation. There are many components that lead to the “turkey neck” issue that many encounter.

With all that being said, what is the best way to fix this daunting jowls problem? Many options out there are
invasive surgical techniques that are long and require extended recovery periods. With Wake Up Beautiful’s
Elevate Thread Lift, that is not the case! This non-invasive alternative is quick and will get you the gorgeous
results you want without scars or incisions.

Achieve youthful skin with ease!

The idea behind the Elevate Thread Lift is to establish a support line along your jaw or cheeks that works against gravity in order to terminate sagging skin and other aging effects. The Thread Lift also stimulates collagen to fight this problem from the inside as well as the outside. The increase of collagen that comes from our procedure will not only improve elasticity, but it will also improve smoothness to provide a well-rounded solution for aging by-products.

The Elevate Thread Lift uses PDO Threads to create the aforementioned support line. Each thread is gently inserted in the subdermal skin tissue where they are then pulled in the desired direction to give you a lifting effect. Choose your problem area – the jaw, neck or cheek – and get right to improving it! For those suffering from saggy jowls, it might be most beneficial to address more than one problem area, as the jowls area encompasses a large portion of your face. The Threads are seamlessly absorbed, leaving you with no scars or cuts and allowing you to show off your newly rejuvenated face and neck in no time!

Because of the seamless procedure, little-to-no recovery period and fantastic results, choosing the Elevate Thread Lift as your jowls solution is a no-brainer.

Fix sagging jowls today!



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