NovaLyft – Non-surgical Face and Neck Lift

PDO Thread Non-Surgical Face and Neck Lift

on May 19, 2017

Non-surgical Face and Neck Lift

NovaLyft, a non-surgical face and neck lift, is the newest treatment being offered at Wake Up Beautiful. NovaLyft was started with the idea of creating a structure to support your face’s skin tissue, keeping your perfectly V-shaped face, and lifting the tissues to reposition them when necessary.

NovaLyft needles utilize Polydioxanone (PDO) threads, and are preloaded to ensure the quickest treatment time possible. The thread is simply inserted into the subdermal layer of the treatment zone, after which the needle may be removed. The PDO thread will remain in the tissue, and will be naturally absorbed by the body within 4 to 6 months. Each treatment will last between 18 and 21 months.

The best part? Because there are no cuts or incisions made, there is absolutely no scarring after a NovaLyft treatment. The insertion point is massaged by a technician, signaling to the body that the small opening should be naturally sealed.

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Since this is our newest treatment, and we are one of only a handful of medical spas trained to provide it, we wanted to answer the most frequently asked questions about NovaLyft.

Non-surgical Face and Neck Lift
What are Polydioxanone (PDO) threads?
Polydioxanone (PDO) threads are typically used in surgical treatments, specifically for heart and lung procedures. It is chosen because it is fully absorbed by the body within 4 to 6 months, leaving no scar tissue. Because it is absorbed seamlessly and doesn’t cause scarring, it is the obvious choice for non-surgical facelifts.
How safe are the injections?
PDO is one of the safest materials to place into the body because it is naturally absorbed. When inserted, it helps trigger the making of excess collagen in your body, which is a completely natural process, meaning nothing out of the ordinary is happening to your skin, unlike with surgical facelifts.

Who is the ideal candidate for NovaLyft?
We welcome everyone to come in for a free NovaLyft consultation, as the results are truly dependent on the individual. That being said, our typical client who receives a NovaLyft treatment is in her 40s or 50s, and doesn’t have too much sagging or aging. NovaLyft is also great for those who have had plastic surgery and are seeing a relapse with facial tissue. It is also generally just a great facelift alternative for those looking to avoid surgical procedures.

Non-surgical Face and Neck Lift

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Non-surgical Face and Neck Lift
What areas are best treated with NovaLyft?
While NovaLyft can be used on tons of different locations throughout the face, neck, and body, we’ve seen best results when it is applied to the lower third of the face, jawline, and neck. But why these specific areas? Because nothing else has ever been so successful in the lower third of the face, jawline, and neck!
Botox will easily tighten creases on the upper part of the face, and fillers are great for lifting and rejuvenating skin in the middle third. NovaLyft is the solution we’ve been looking for that third section of your face. Threads are placed in specific directions depending on the desired outcome, always pulling in a lifting manner, and giving you that tight and lifted look you’ve been longing for.

What can I expect with a NovaLyft appointment at Wake Up Beautiful?
All Wake Up Beautiful NovaLyft appointments must start as consultations. We will not inject the PDO threads into anyone who has not come in for a free consultation. We want to make sure our clients see their desired results, which means we need to learn what they are first to see if NovaLyft is the appropriate procedure.
After the consultation, you’ll come in for your appointment. Our trained technicians will make you comfortable at our Beauty Bar, and will begin your treatment by numbing the specified area.
Once the numbing medicine begins to work, several preloaded needles will be placed into your face, each only taking about one minute to insert, inject, and remove. After the injections are completed, your technician will gently massage your treatment area, signaling to the body to naturally seal the needle insertion locations.
You may see some light bruising or swelling after the treatment, , as is the case with any sort of injection. This typically subsides within 5-7 days, and you should be able to return to normal activity shortly after. You will receive aftercare tips to minimize your downtime.
Over 4 to 6 months the NovaLyft threads will be completely absorbed by the body, and you’ll have a perfectly supported face structure. We recommend a follow up appointment every 10 to 12 months to retain your best results.

Non-surgical Face and Neck Lift

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